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Pain Patients

Find out how you can learn to instruct your body to turn off physical pain by using words instead of medication…

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Therapists and Healthcare Providers

Learn more about the science behind NeuroBehavioral Pain Management Programs and how you can help your patients become pain free…

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Helping You Rediscover Life Without Pain

Are you living in a too-small world limited by pain, while longing for a way to get your life back?

You’re a professional, struggling to meet personal and career responsibilities through the limitations of chronic pain. The fog created by your pain makes it hard for you to find clarity, feel organized, and follow through on things. The pills or injections prescribed by your doctor never give you complete relief. What they do give you are unpleasant side effects you must cope with on top of the pain.

You’re not performing your job at the level you know you’re capable of when you’re free of pain. You can’t attend the children’s sporting events, let alone the conference meant to restore you. You feel depressed, scared, and worn out emotionally by the constant nagging presence of pain. You can barely remember the life you had.

You were a thoroughbred, a racehorse born to run, and the pain world is much too small for you. You’re feeling reined in—stopped in your tracks. Is there any way out?

Yes, there is. Your mind and body naturally know how to eliminate both physical pain and emotional suffering without side effects. This relief can be available to you on the go, without making trips to the pharmacy, filling out triplicate forms, or swallowing pills. NeuroBehavioral Programs can show you, either in person or over the telephone, how to tap this natural method of pain relief, using words instead of medication.

More than a thousand clients, referred by more than a hundred Northern California physicians, have used our program to learn how to create natural pain relief while reducing their use of pills and injections. We find that more than 90 percent of patients report pain and stress reduction and emotional release in their first session with a certified NeuroBehavioral Programs practitioner.

How do you find out if this approach can help you? We suggest these next steps:

  1. Download our free guide containing two holistic mind-body tips that you can immediately put to work in your own life to improve your mood and reduce pain amplifiers.
  2. Watch our program in action on the PBS series Healing Quest. This ten-minute video clip profiles two patients who suffered pain from injuries and got their lives back using our method. Then read more about who can benefit from our approach and how the Pain Management Program works. This will give you a clearer picture of what we do and who we can help.
  3. Tell us about your pain and the challenges you’re facing. We want you to know you’re not alone. We’re happy to talk with you at no charge to answer your questions and explore how NeuroBehavioral Programs can help you. Complete our contact form or call us at (541) 631-8754.

What NeuroBehavioral Pain Management Program participants say about their results:

“A easily mastered, viable set of tools, to achieve peacefulness and calmness by controlling stress, negative thoughts and pain. These tools can be used anywhere, anytime and produce immediate results. I had been in constant pain from a motor vehicle accident 24 years ago. I was advised by my pain physician to take Dr. Leonard's class. I brought along all my skepticism and pain, and left with my skepticism intact, but without the constant pain. Everyone should attend this life changing opportunity.”

— David Alexander

“I would recommend this training for every person who has an ailment that causes them pain. It is worth your time, trust me... I wish I found this training 12 years ago... it would have saved me years of pain, not to mention the time and money I have spent in and at doctors' offices!”

— Suzan Howdeshell ,
   Placerville, CA

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