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About NeuroBehavioral Programs

Recent trends in neuroscience and information theory view the brain, mind, and behavior as networked information-sharing systems.

The scientific basis for NeuroBehavioral Programs is the phenomenon called information transduction. In this well-researched phenomenon, information from words and images (psyche) is translated into information that can be received and processed within these networked subsystems in the body (soma). Simply put, words or pictures in the mind or imagination can trigger physical changes in the body.

Information transduction makes it possible to direct the body to control certain physical symptoms previously thought to be outside of conscious control, using words instead of medication. Using the body’s natural ability to translate thoughts or verbal instructions into physical actions, patients can learn to block pain signals from registering in the brain.

Our training program in NeuroBehavioral medicine teaches clients how to think pain away for hours at a time using the natural mind-body communication processes that are already part of them. The NBP Pain Management Program is a complementary treatment and is to be used in conjunction with regular treatment from a physician.

Program Description