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Who Can Benefit?

Do any of these situations sound familiar to you?

  • Youíve stopped dreaming of complete relief of your pain. Youíve sought pain relief through so many avenues without achieving the results youíd hoped for. Youíre thinking that this person who is so limited at home, at work, and in leisure activities — who just barely gets by — is the real you now.
  • Youíve slowly become resigned to the side effects of medication, seeing them as the price of pain reduction. The oral medicine has unwanted effects on your mood, your energy, and the clarity of your thinking, because it goes everywhere in your body instead of just to the source of the pain. Youíre groggy a lot, or you suffer stomach irritation, constipation, or tiredness.
  • You feel like youíre living in two worlds. Youíve started to pretend. Youíre tired of talking about your pain that no one seems to understand — that no one can see. So you suffer alone with the never-ending rumble of your pain, often retreating to your bedroom in search of a peaceful, quiet respite, while your responsibilities and loved ones wait outside. You put on a false face when youíre with other people.
  • You feel depressed, emotionally exhausted, and worn down by the constant intrusion of your pain and by the fear that this may always be your reality.
  • You sense that your doctor may also not know where to go next. You wait with hope for the next treatment appointment. As your physician reaches again for the pen and prescription pad, you keep your fingers crossed that there will be something new that will actually help. You know on an intuitive level that there is no pill or injection that will block your pain completely.

With the help of the NeuroBehavioral Pain Management Program, more than a thousand pain sufferers have gotten their lives back. You can join their ranks if you currently suffer from any of these conditions, and more:

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Arthritis pain

  • Back pain

  • Neck pain

  • Joint pain

  • Migraine and tension headache

  • Lupus

  • MS

  • Pain from old injuries

Youíll get results from the NeuroBehavioral Pain Management Program if this describes you:

  • Youíre fed up with drugs and ready to try another approach.
  • You would enjoy learning a proven method of pain control in a lighthearted environment.
  • You want to believe that your mind and body are self-healing, given the right guidance and encouragement.
  • Youíre interested in your own well-being and are open to being taught something new about how your mind and body interact.
  • Youíre willing to practice daily at home between sessions.
  • You can be patient with yourself.

If youíre still wondering if you can benefit from the NeuroBehavioral Programs approach, you may want to read more about how our holistic mind-body approach works. Also, if you havenít already signed up for it, be sure to request our free guide containing mind-body tips for pain relief.

What NeuroBehavioral Pain Management Program participants say about their results:

“As a mother and supervisor of fifteen field reps, my life was slowly eroding. After learning how to control my headache pain and stress using my mind, things seem amazingly more effortless now — and pain free. I can entertain again and I can be with my husband and children. Now Iím back on track. Since beginning the program I havenít missed a day at work. My field reps, family, and friends remark I am much calmer. And I havenít needed injections to control my pain!”

— Lisa Slayback

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